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Bearing Supplier for Manufacturing Industry

Bearing Supplier and distributor

Bearing Supplier for Manufacturing Industry

We are one of the Bearing Supplier for Manufacturing Industry. we are the most advanced technologies coupled with new generation manufacturing machines and an experienced team of engineers, National bearing house is constantly raising industry. The achievement is ascribed to the creation of excellent orientation fitting in with universal determinations and guidelines. The national bearing house provides you Bearing Supplier for Manufacturing Industry.To ensure that the quality is of products retained at all levels of production, the national bearing house follows a streamlined process of bearing manufacturing.

Producing is a metal forming treatment that works through the powers of warmth and effect on giving the ideal shape to the metal. Toughening is a relationship between warming and cooling treatment performed on the direction in order to upgrade the malleability of the orientation. This makes the heading increasingly serviceable with respect to trim them to an ideal shape.


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Two wheeler application has special requirement of low noise, compact design and rough use. NBC addresses to all these requirements through special bearing design, seal design and selection of the right grease.

Three wheeler application has similar requirements to two wheelers, and NBC caters to these in the same manner. NEI is catering all these requirements by special bearing design, seal design and selection of right grease

There is continuous requirement of comfort, less friction, low noise and fuel efficiency with reduction in size. NBC makes bearings to suit current trends while helping its customers meet strict Environment and Statutory regulations.

Tractor bearings are subjected to heavy loads and have high exposure to mud and water. Apart from special designs, NBC provides these bearings with special seals and grease to withstand adverse environment conditions.

Light & Heavy commercial vehicles are used in very rough conditions. These conditions demand bearings to be rigid enough to give trouble free and smooth operation

Industrial application has different requirements. NBC is present in all major Industries and has deep understanding of their requirements.

Railway bearings require heavy reliability, safety & durability. Indian railways are world’s largest railway network and NEI is major supplier to Indian Railway. With working over four decades with Indian railways and other leading global railways, NEI has deep understanding of the requirements and has capability to manufacturing complete range of products to meet these requirements


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