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Taper Roller Bearings

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Taper Roller Bearings

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality taper roller bearing . Ever since our inceptions, we have been engaged in manufacturing of a wide range of roller taper bearing of various types like taper roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing, and many more. Our success as a bearing manufacturer is solely due to the fact that we are passionate about the quality we offered to our customers. With a tremendous focus on manufacturing quality bearings and restrains on cost, our cost is also reasonable.There are various taper roller bearing but only quality of bearing matter and we provide best quality products.

The national bearing house offers you a Machine instrument manufacturers must react to client requests for exactness and quality while diminishing personal time and expanding efficiency. We producer exactness direction that offers machine apparatus manufacturers a conservative arrangement that meets or surpasses most application requirements for rotational precision, consistency and inflexibility. A considerable lot of our accuracy direction is additionally intended to meet the rapid, low-heat requests of the machine, empowering non-synchronous run-outs. This ability, otherwise called non-redundant run-out, builds the precision, repeatability and goals of the machine.


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Two wheeler application has special requirement of low noise, compact design and rough use. NBC addresses to all these requirements through special bearing design, seal design and selection of the right grease.

Three wheeler application has similar requirements to two wheelers, and NBC caters to these in the same manner. NEI is catering all these requirements by special bearing design, seal design and selection of right grease

There is continuous requirement of comfort, less friction, low noise and fuel efficiency with reduction in size. NBC makes bearings to suit current trends while helping its customers meet strict Environment and Statutory regulations.

Tractor bearings are subjected to heavy loads and have high exposure to mud and water. Apart from special designs, NBC provides these bearings with special seals and grease to withstand adverse environment conditions.

Light & Heavy commercial vehicles are used in very rough conditions. These conditions demand bearings to be rigid enough to give trouble free and smooth operation

Industrial application has different requirements. NBC is present in all major Industries and has deep understanding of their requirements.

Railway bearings require heavy reliability, safety & durability. Indian railways are world’s largest railway network and NEI is major supplier to Indian Railway. With working over four decades with Indian railways and other leading global railways, NEI has deep understanding of the requirements and has capability to manufacturing complete range of products to meet these requirements


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